Sydney Peak Performance Business Conference


Trevor Ambrose

Author, Coach & Speaker

In his teens and as an adult, Trevor was paralyzed with the fear of public speaking.  He truly understands the challenges, emotions and physical tension people experience when they have to stand up and give a speech, pitch or presentation.  

As an internationally recognized public speaking & sales expert, Trevor Ambrose speaks throughout the world inspiring thousands of people.  Trevor is a natural born teacher who loves to challenge and motivate audiences with real-life stories, humorous anecdotes, and rock solid principles that he backs up with facts and his own life experiences.

Trevor is an author, coach and international keynote speaker who devoted his career to empower, entertain and inspire audience around the world. With a degree in Business Psychology and Sociology, Trevor has helped thousands of businesses, groups and individuals become influential presenters and sales professionals.





As a professional speaker and a recent inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame, I've worked with over a dozen coaches to hone and refine my craft over the years. After recently sharing the platform with Trevor and listening to his coaching and tips to improve one's speaking skills, I have to say I was extremely impressed. 

Trevor not only is an insightful and gifted communicator, but he has a special ability to read people and get to the core of what is holding them back. I watched him mesmerize an audience of 1,000 people, but more importantly, I also watched him mesmerize me! Personal, friendly, and extremely bright, Trevor is as professional and relationship focused as they come. I hope we work together again soon. 

Rob "Waldo" Waldman | Hall of Fame Speaker, CSP, MBA, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author


Trevor is an inspiring speaker, trainer and coach. His knowledge, experience and passion shine as soon as you meet him. If you are interested in quickly improving your communication, leadership or sales I highly recommend you contact him to see how he can help.

John Hadfield | Vice President Finance at BG Group


Trevor Ambrose is an OUTSTANDING Public Speaking Coach. Since being coached by Trevor I have much greater confidence in front of an audience and of my own abilities. I have delivered a number of inspirational presentations since being coached, and have put my hand up to deliver many more. Trevor has the insight, skills and delivery to help other who would like to achieve the same outcome as me. I strongly recommend Trevor. I also found Trevor to be of the highest integrity, and he is a person that I found I could trust immediately and throughout the coaching program. He was able to guide me to turn that into thoughts of power, thoughts of presence and thoughts of persuasion. Thanks Trevor!!"   

James Grima  |  Team Training & Team Culture Specialist


My first speech I did yesterday was a complete success.  Everyone congratulated me at the end saying it was a great presentation.  The course was just sensational.  I’m looking forward to do the 2 day course next.

Enrique | AUSTRAL Precast


Thank you for an insight and informative session.  I learnt more in 8hours about public speaking than I have tried to learn over 5 years.  I am defiantly going to put these practices into effect and nail my upcoming presentations. 

Daniel Hadfield | McKey Distribution


I can’t tell you how you have changed my life. I got up and gave a speech about my work in Uganda and my business partner was so shocked afterwards as she has known about my fear and seen me attempt to speak before and could not believe the change. She said you were worth every cent.  I have done two more talks on my return to Entebbe and I am growing in confidence all the time and seriously, I have you to thank for this.  Many thanks again. 

Carol Yeates-Barnes